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Thursday, 18 March 2010


What this theory states is that people suffering from depression, have imbalances of neurotransmitters which are endogenous chemicals which relay, amplify, and modulate signals between a neuron and another cell.In simpler words it means the natural substances that allow the different cells to communicate with each other. There are two neurotransmitters that are related to depression serotonin and norepinephrine.
Scientists believe that the deficiency of serotonin may cause some of the symptoms related in depression like irritability and anxiety. In the same way deficiency of norepinephrine can cause alertness and may contribute to the fatigue and the bad depressed mood of this sickness.
Another factor of this theory is about other body chemicals for example cortisol. The way that cortisol works is that in the morning the level of cortisol peaks in the morning and does decreases as the day goes by. In depressed people the level of cortisol peaks and does not decrease in the afternoon or evening. The problem is that the scientists do not know if their theories are correct in the way that they ask themselves if the disease causes the imbalances of the imbalances the disease.

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